Word(docx) Output no-LT

AH Formatter V7.0 can output a simple Word(docx).

Customers must subscribe “AH Formatter Word(docx) Output Option” to output Word(docx). See also Antenna House website for more details.

Word(docx) Output is not available with AH Formatter V7.0 Lite.

Features of Word(docx) Output

Word(docx) is expressed in XML called WordprocessingML. WordprocessingML is an XML for expressing Word in Office documents. The XML of this Office document is called OOXML (Office Open XML) and is defined in Standard ECMA-376. The document models expressed by WordprocessingML and FO are very different. Therefore, we cannot output all FO exactly as WordprocessingML. “AH Formatter Word(docx) Output Option” outputs documents with a relatively simple structure as WordprocessingML.


The following shows the known restrictions of Word(docx) output. There may have some other restrictions that are not listed here.