PowerPoint Transformation

Office Server Document Converter V7.1 converts Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2019 Presentation files to PDF and SVG. This version also supports conversions to into JPEG, PNG, or TIFF or Multi-page TIFF.

Transformation Specification

MS PowerPoint Document

Office Server Document Converter V7.1 supports the following Microsoft PowerPoint file formats.

  • .ppt, .pot, .pps extensions created with:
    Microsoft PowerPoint 97 for Windows
    Microsoft PowerPoint 2000
    Microsoft PowerPoint 2002
    Microsoft PowerPoint 2003
    Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
    Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010
    Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013
    Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016
    Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2019
  • .pptx, .pptm, .potx, .potm, .potm, .ppsm extensions created with:
    Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016 / 2019

Transformation Specification

  • One page will be outputted for every PowerPoint slide.
  • The orientation and size of the outputted page adopts the PowerPoint page settings.
  • PDF Output - all slides are outputted as a single PDF.
  • SVG Output - each slide can be outputted as an individual SVG file, or all slides can be combined into a single SVG file.
  • JPEG/PNG Output - one image file is outputted for each slide.
  • Notes pages can be outputted by specifying options. However, files earlier than Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 cannot be converted.
  • The following settings simulate PowerPoint:
    • font name, font style, font size, and font effects
    • alignment of a text box, or paragraph in text box
  • A raster image is allocated as is.
  • Although Autoshape most often simulates the original shape, some shapes will output as a different shape or will not output at all.

Restrictions and Limitations

The following are limitations when converting from MS PowerPoint.

  • Characters of some WordArt might not be reproduced.
  • Object shadows, text shadows and 3-D effects are not supported.
  • Line height may not be set correctly.
  • Text box margins might not reproduce correctly.
  • Multimedia objects such as movies and sounds, etc. are disregarded.
  • Gradation and translucent color may differ from MS PowerPoint.
  • When an image is pasted and various effects are given, effects will be disregarded and the image will be outputted in the original color scheme.
  • Animation is not supported. The output displayed is whatever appears after the PowerPoint animation operation ends.
  • In MS Office, if the character font doesn't have a corresponding glyph, another suitable font is substituted. Such substitutions are not done with this product.
  • WMF/EMF contained in documents made with an earlier version of MS Office 95, and saved again with a later version of MS Office 97, might not convert.
  • OLE embedded objects and link objects cannot be displayed. (If the display information is embedded in the document, it might display).
  • If there is a long character string of tens of thousands of characters without the linefeed (CRLF), the conversion may fail.
  • [Format Text Effects] and [Format Shape]
    • When you select [Gradient fill] - [Type - Path] in the Format Shape dialog in Office2007/2010/2013/2016/2019(Word,Excel,Powerpoint), the converted result shows the same as when you select [Gradient fill] - [Type - Rectangular].
    • When you specify [Gradient fill] - [Transparency] in Office2007/2010/2013/2016/2019(Word,Excel,Powerpoint), it will be ignored and the converted result shows only as 0%.
    • When you specify [Gradient fill] - [Rotate with shape] in Office2007/2010/2013/2016/2019(Word,Excel,Powerpoint), it will be ignored and the converted result shows the same as when it is unchecked.
    • When you specify [Picture or texture fill] - [Tiling Option] in Office2007/2010/2013/2016/2019(Word,Excel,Powerpoint), all settings of the option will be ignored and converted as [Scale X : 100%] and [Scale Y : 100%]
    • When you specify [Picture or texture fill] and a picture is specified, the shape of the picture will be replaced with a rectangle.
    • The specification of [Slide background fill] will be ignored.
    • [3-D Format] and [3-D Rotation] are not supported. They are converted as if they were not specified.
    • When you specify [Text Box] - [Autofit], the size of the text may not be reproduced correctly.
    • [Picture or texture fill] and [Gradient fill] specified for filling color of text are disregarded.
    • All the specifications for Text Outline are disregarded.
  • The size and attributes of math equations may not convert correctly.
  • The arrangement of shapes and characters, attributes in [SmartArt] may not convert correctly.
  • Shapes and attributes (such as Cap type) added in Office 2007-2019 may not convert accurately.
  • When a figure is specified to be rotated or cropped, the Flip (reversal of right to left or the top to bottom) feature is disregarded.
  • When an image is specified as the background of a figure, even if rotation is specified, the background image will not rotate.
  • Transparency in a figure is disregarded.
  • Stylized text created by Office 2007/2010/2013/2016/2019 WordArt might not be outputted correctly.
  • When an image is pasted on a figure, even if rotation is specified to the figure, the image will not rotate.
  • When [Picture fill] and an image are simultaneously specified as the background of a figure, only the image becomes effective.
  • ActiveX controls cannot be displayed. (If the information for display is embedded in the document, it might display).
  • Images created using [Draw] - [Pen] Gallery added in Office 2019 will be output as substitute images. Line color, line thickness, size, etc. may be different from Office display.
  • Form controls cannot be displayed. (If the information for display is embedded in the document, it might display).
  • [Underline] and [Strikethrough] in PowerPoint 2007/2010/2013/2016/2019 are not supported and will be converted into solid lines.
  • Even if the "Times" font is specified, it will be converted to "Times New Roman".
  • Line breaks and spaces between lines will not look the same as in PowerPoint.
  • Table colors may not be converted correctly.
  • The row height of a table may not be converted correctly.
  • Shapes and positions of bullets may not be converted correctly.
  • Diagonal Border in Table is not supported.
  • Yoko-Gumi in CombineCharacters is not supported.
  • Comments are not supported.
  • See also Limitations in the conversions from the MS-Excel Charts to know about the limitation of MS-Excel Charts.
  • Functions added by subscription in Microsoft Office 2016 etc. are currently not supported.